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Inspired by Tina's Alchemist & her Vanilmirth - I originally intended to do a comedy spoof with it - but I decided other wise. Original Drawing made to celebrate New Years for 2007



Finally I got around to making a wallpaper of my Assassin. Rhylos (Crit Assassin) - My Main Character in Ragnarok Online - Loki Server
My brother's Monk & his ingame Wife's Prietess. (Wallpaper) My Brother's Monk & his ingame Wife's Prietess.
My Assassin & Tina's assassin - a tribute to Ragnarok & our sins wedding. (Wallpaper) Cross Assassin picture of .Booo. - a good friend of Tina's & a past guildmate. (Wallpaper)
Cross Assassin picture of .Booo. - a good friend of Tina's & a past guildmate. A group picture of most of the girls from the old guild called PornStar - Summer/Fall Theme (Wallpaper)
From left to right - Sniper,High Prietess, Cross Assassin, Sniper, & Prietess. Thats how I based the skin color tones & swimsuits worn. Tina's Hunter - ~hawkie~

My first scan I have done since 2004. (Wallpaper)

2004 ~ 2003


Just a quick picture I did on break @work & decided to color it. NTN Clan/Guild Title - An old Counterstrike/Ragnarok Online Group me and a friend ran for a year or so.
Something I was drawing @work & I decided to turn it into a colored picture. (Wallpaper) I really have no idea why I decided on the theme or reason for drawing this. I guess I wanted to try something different. (Wallpaper)
Characters from a game I designed (Mystic Legends/ Legends of Landel) My first official attempt to try to make anything fan based - it was a sad attempt but has taught me alot and I have learned leaps & bounds from this project.


After some searching through my old website backups. I found some of my very early attempts at computer coloring/drawing.

This is just a random pic I decided to color.
This was a rough draft drawing of Wren from Legends of Landel.
My brother was a huge DBZ fan at the time & so I decided to make him a picture of his favorite hero. This was entirely drawn and colored on the computer. This was the mascot for my website for a long time.
One of my very first attempts at computer drawing/coloring.